schmoo-pie-poo asked:

I hope you see this! I saw your design set up, where you drew out, labeled and organized everything. I love designing outfits, but have a hard time drawing clothing out. Do you have any tips or pointers for me, because I love your set up and would want to use the premiss of it for my future cosplays/designs. Hope this question makes sense! Thank you

Ah, I’m the queen of delayed asks!

I use Adobe Illustrator to draw my garments and their designs, but I only draw the left half, on top of a croqui. I just copy+paste and flip to to make the other side!

I can’t really advise you much more than that, besides becoming well versed with AI. Makes life so much more easier.


xailus asked:

Okay so I've been stalking you for a while and realized that I haven't followed your amazing blog (lulwat). I have a few questions regarding cloth since I'm new to making anything - What's a higher quality substitute for broadcloth, like not the $2 from Jo-Anns or anything. Also, on your FE patterns you wrote that Lucina should be made out of peachcloth - what's that? And how much leeway do you give yourself when buying fabric? (I'm sorry for the awkward questions ;~;) Thank you!

Broadcloth can be replaced with poplin, linens, twills, almost anything solid and non-stretch, really. Broadcloth is a pretty vague term now, it really just boils down to the quality of the broadcloth and $2/yard Joanns fodder is nasty and not worth the $2.

Peachskin technically refers to a finishing process on fabrics where they’ll brush the surface of the fabric with tiny metal combs to give the fabric a really soft and smooth texture. The peachskin fabric I used was a tight, polyester fabric with no stretch, but a very smooth and silky hand with a nice, semi-solid drape.

It can be a little hard to find because it falls under a few other names, but many other fabrics can be used for Lucina’s tunic as well! I’m just very fond of alternative fabrics and peachskin holds curves while draping so well. ;w;

I give myself half a yard of extra fabric.

These questions aren’t weird at all, haha!