【C O M M I S S I O N S】 ・ 【open】

Fashion and costume commissions are OPEN, but accepted at my discretion.

August: OPEN
September: HOLD
October: OPEN
November: OPEN

Contact and details can be found here.


Here’s something new and exciting! ヾ(。◕ฺ∀◕ฺ)ノ

I’m offering my skills to the general public! As I’ve been finally gifted with my own life and schedule, I can finally start making significant progress in the field I love now that I’ve graduated school and family.

Quick and dirty details about the service I am offering;

  • My rates start at $13/hour.
  • Fashion work can be found under #sewing on OT&M.
  • Some costume work can be found under #cosplay on Tyrfing +.
  • My limitations and commissions process can be found on my COMMISSIONS page.
  • As of now, I will only take one commission per month.

Thank you so much from everyone for your support and kindness! I hope to hear from you soon! 

I have student loans to pay and an overwhelming amount of despair over being another struggling adult with the interviewing skills of spaghetti.

Anonymous asked:

I absolutely adore your FE:A costume breakdowns! Also I'm super excited because I'll be cosplaying the tactician outfit, so seeing your templates for them were super relieving. I was wondering when you had time would you be able to do one for Tharja? I have a friend cosplaying as her but we're not sure on which direction to go for designs. Thank you and I love your work!

No Tharja, as I have no plans to cosplay Tharja. My bosoms wasn’t gifted, I missed that gene in my family. :(

If you or your friend is interested, I can be commissioned to sketch up Tharja and write down everything she needs. But Tharja has been done many times by other cosplayers already, so I don’t think you’ll need me for her!

Anyways, just a notice that all further cosplay related questions should be asked here. Tyrfing + is a new Tumblr I made for anime/cosplays so I’d like to fully move these questions over there eventually.

I don’t mind them here either, though. :)

sensanitea asked:

OH MY GOD BLESS YOUR FIRE EMBLEM COSTUME BREAKDOWNS. they always seem to make zero sense to me, it's so great seeing your interpretation/alterations!! i would like to throw in a request for Cherche because she is one of my faves and her outfit is absurd, but i know they must take a ton of time to puzzle out and i can't wait to see more of them, regardless of which ones you do!

I have plans to cosplay Cherche maybe in a year or two, so I can’t promise having concept sketches for her any time soon. She’s got too many armor bits that I’m too inexperienced with to tackle right now.

Also no money for worbla and no tools for foam.

peachdango asked:

i found you through your olivia costume design post, and upon looking at the rest of your blog... wow, you're amazing! looking at your work actually inspires me to get on my sewing machine right now!! (if only i had the fabric on hand that i need for my next project.. oops.) i have two questions though -- are you planning on doing concept sketches for inigo's outfit? and i'm assuming you get this question a lot, but i haven't seen it and i'm curious... do you take commissions at all?

Always so happy to be of help! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ And nothing should ever stop you from doing some creative! Go get some fabric and make something silly!

I make the concept sketches mostly for myself, and I have no plans to cosplay Inigo in the near future, which means no concepts of Inigo. Cosplay concept sketches are so time consuming to draw because I have nothing in my past arsenal to copy, so everything has to done from scratch. And fantasy-inspired costumes like Fire Emblem are more intricately detailed than most.

I’m open to cosplay and concept art commissions right now!

You rarely see questions about it because I answered them privately before and I didn’t want to encourage it when I was still in school.

I’ll make a master post for commissions here, but please contact me on Facebook if you’re interested in a cosplay commission!