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And here we go, here we go, here we go again! c:

I’ll do the whole tech sketch thing later. I need something to cool me down.

Olivia’s finished concept sketches and notes!

It’s not 100% accurate, but I think this redesign is a more rational and flattering, as far as swoop swoop bodysuits go.

I’m working on one more set of sketches for myself and one I think a ton of people will need. :> Then back to more tangible endeavours.

Do not remove sources. I am the designer who illustrates and theorizes these concepts, so whether it’s fashion or cosplay, these illustrations should still be credited.

I’m arranging my sketches with construction notes and details so I can file them away in a sort of pseudo tech pack for costumes I do. I got the green light from teachers and industry-working friends that it was a good idea and advice on how to arrange it. :> When the costumes are finished I’ll photograph a model wearing it to display in order to keep a more professional image. Some other pages I’ll add in after are measurements/sewing details, fabric samples/sourcing, and WIPS/photographs!

All my costumes are gonna have like, 15~20 pages lmao my poor binder.

I’m posting these now because I hope they reach out and help other cosplayers who might need ideas of closures/materials/details, ect. I’m pretty detailed-oriented (lol) so while I’m focused only on my own costumes I think it’ll be a valuable resource that I want to share.

Happy cosplaying! <3

Do not remove sources. I am the designer who illustrates and theorizes these concepts, so whether it’s fashion or cosplay, these illustrations should still be credited.

I was tagged by kateruggeri to post 6 selfies and that is exactly what I did, from newest to oldest! My selfie game is weak so these span a a year or two?

The Jean/Eren one isn’t really a selfie but it’s still my most favorite photo in existence.

And it made me realize that I miss my short hair so much. Even if it was dorky and terrible and clashing I loved how easy it was on me and that I only had maybe two choices on how to style it.

As the rules go, I have to tag 6 more people! ivorysorrows, @slowfireburn??, bossslee, obsixwi, orgasmicyogurt, lemontree11 let me see your pretty faces please and thank you. <3

Cleaned up the photo a little more. u_u

I almost drew half a thing? I don’t know I’m not a good artist in this respect, but I find it relaxing and helps pass the time at work. I&#8217;m pushing 4PM to 3AM most days.

Everyone wants to know why I drew a a Chinese guy peeling a potato, but not a kumquat. I… don’t want to explain,  haha. You peel that potatoe, Lon’qu. You love that potatoe.

I draw like I work in Illustrator fml.
The SSB4 reveals have been keeping me laughing all morning. I don’t know who I love more, Chrom or Lon’Qu. They&#8217;re both losers, but Chrom wears the loser crown.

I’m just fixing the rushed sewing in my useless spare time when I can’t work on Märchen Maiden things or file job applications. 

I’m going to rip out the zipper and fix the back vent. It’s a little nasty.

Love is in the details. C:

Some instagram’d photos from Anime Expo this year! I ended up leaving my stuff at home, but had a blast finding friends as usual. I’m predictable in what I buy.

I’ve been really, really busy lately so it’s harder for me to post regularly. I don’t have the occasion to dress up like I use to. :’(

PS. Tokyo Ghoul is 10/10, one of the few series I’ve heavily recommened to everyone on FB. The anime coming out finally makes it truth.

F*ucking finally.
Almost there! When I get back I just have to finish the satin stitching,  border trims, and sewing the lining inside.

I wish they stop calling me to work. ;__;
I swear there&#8217;s x3 this progress but here&#8217;s something that made me cry. I have almost a decade of sewing experience but I didn&#8217;t know jack about embroidery or appliques.

My embroidery hoop got to see the light of day!