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Cleaned up the photo a little more. u_u

I almost drew half a thing? I don’t know I’m not a good artist in this respect, but I find it relaxing and helps pass the time at work. I’m pushing 4PM to 3AM most days.

Everyone wants to know why I drew a a Chinese guy peeling a potato, but not a kumquat. I… don’t want to explain,  haha. You peel that potatoe, Lon’qu. You love that potatoe.

I draw like I work in Illustrator fml.
The SSB4 reveals have been keeping me laughing all morning. I don’t know who I love more, Chrom or Lon’Qu. They’re both losers, but Chrom wears the loser crown.

I’m just fixing the rushed sewing in my useless spare time when I can’t work on Märchen Maiden things or file job applications. 

I’m going to rip out the zipper and fix the back vent. It’s a little nasty.

Love is in the details. C:

Some instagram’d photos from Anime Expo this year! I ended up leaving my stuff at home, but had a blast finding friends as usual. I’m predictable in what I buy.

I’ve been really, really busy lately so it’s harder for me to post regularly. I don’t have the occasion to dress up like I use to. :’(

PS. Tokyo Ghoul is 10/10, one of the few series I’ve heavily recommened to everyone on FB. The anime coming out finally makes it truth.

F*ucking finally.
Almost there! When I get back I just have to finish the satin stitching,  border trims, and sewing the lining inside.

I wish they stop calling me to work. ;__;
I swear there’s x3 this progress but here’s something that made me cry. I have almost a decade of sewing experience but I didn’t know jack about embroidery or appliques.

My embroidery hoop got to see the light of day!
Mockup of Lucina’s tunic!

Fix the hem and back, divide the pattern into the little gold borders, and it should be finished tommorrow night!
I’m getting ready for my graduation ceremony!

I’ve been out of school for one day, and I’m still drawing these. ಠ__ಠ But if you’ve played the game, you’ll know who they are! A silent, decade-long fandom emerges because people might actually know what I’m referring to now. 

These sketches help me IMMENSELY when I sew and pattern draft. 2 or 3 hours in Illustrator means I have accurate references, so I can draft quickly without second-guessing proportions or designs. I know where all the notions go and small stuff like that.

Edit: Forgot Olivia’s side swoop swoops.

On Saturday I will be a FIDM graduate but I finished classes yesterday so I’ll just say I’m a graduate now.

I don’t know what to do. I’m just waiting for Anime Expo.